Learning to Troll the Great Lakes

     As many of you are probably aware, trolling is not a technique I have much luck with.  I find it extremely boring and really cumbersome.  Tending multiple rods, maintaining consistent speeds, and keeping track of how different lures are running drives me crazy.  Still you can't argue with the advantages.  Lures stay in the strike zone longer.  You can cover ridiculous amounts of water.  Also the options that you have when running multiple lines at once is amazing.  I've decided that this year I'm gonna make an effort to really learn how trolling works, so I ended up in Illinois this weekend at a free seminar put on by the Lake Michigan Angler tackle shop.
     This was my first time to ever step foot into this shop and to say it was overwhelming would be an understatement.  This shop has everything a dedicated Great Lakes angler needs to catch fish.  Whether you're an accomplished charter captain or a weekend warrior they have the knowledge and know how to get you on the fish.  It was an amazing place to visit and the staff was some of the most courteous and friendly I've ever met.  I perused the aisles taking in the myriad of lure options, filled up my coffee cup, and headed into the back room to take in a 3 hour seminar on trolling for spring salmon.
     The seminar was presented by Frank Juzwik.  He is one of those anglers that has been on the Great Lakes so long that he could probably catch fish in his sleep.  His presentation was well laid out and it included everything from how to find the fish, to seasonal weather patterns, and he had a ton of tips for rigging/tackle selection.  I learned more about dodgers, dipsy divers, and down riggers, in those 3 hours than I can even remember.  We covered every setup and technique imaginable from simple flat lining to managing a 9 rod spread.  It was an amazing presentation and it was FREE.  I will definitely be attending more of these seminars in the future and I can't wait to put some of the techniques I learned into practice out on the water.  To learn more about the shop or to attend one of their upcoming seminars check out the link here.
     Tight Lines.

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