A Weekend Full of Free Local Seminars

     Over the weekend I had the opportunity to sit under some amazing local anglers.  I'm always looking for information, especially when it's free.  Learning from others that are experts in their fields is a great way to shorten the curve when out on the water and these anglers didn't disappoint.
     The first angler I heard was Rob Wendel of the Regional Hobie Fishing Team.  He was giving a seminar at the Lake Michigan Angler tackle shop on Trolling for Great Lakes Salmon and Trout.  I've been following Rob for awhile now on social media and his catch photos are seriously impressive.  From giant kings to monstrous browns he has the knowledge and know how to land big salmonids from our little boats.  He covered everything from basic rigging to advanced techniques and took the time to answer every body's questions.  His ideas on trolling spread group dynamics were thought provoking and impressive.  Everything is accounted for in his setup.  His lure spread works to the strengths of the kayak angler while appealing to the feeding nature of his target species.  If you ever get the chance to fish with Rob (he's starting a guide service) take it.  To see the big fish he catches check him out on Instagram by following the link here.
     The following morning I headed over to Cabelas to hear a seminar by Jeff Van Remortel.  Many of you know Jeff as the workhorse behind WDH Guide Service.  He is hands down one of the premier musky guides in the state of Wisconsin and I have had the opportunity to hear his musky seminars on multiple occasions.  However it wasn't until recently that I learned of his penchant for landing large steelhead.  Once again his seminar didn't disappoint and he covered a wide range of topics.  I love getting the chance to talk to Jeff because he is both a fly and conventional gear angler.  His insight into the way fish respond to angling presentations is amazing.  We learned more in an hour listening to Jeff than most anglers would pick up in years out on the water.  Jeff is definitely an authority when it comes to catching steelhead on Great Lakes tributaries, you probably should of been in attendance.  To book a trip with WDH Guide Service for steelhead or muskies follow the link here.
     The last free seminar I attended over the weekend was Home Water Opportunities taught by Noah Humfeld and Steve Varsos.  Those that follow the blog already know about Noah Humfeld from previous posts.  Noah is an amazing multi-species angler that thinks he only knows walleyes.  This makes for wonderful conversations because he is constantly giving out great information and he normally has no idea that he's doing it.  Noah and Steve developed this presentation to help local anglers find their favorite species on opening weekend here on the Madison Chain of Lakes.  They covered species specific tactics, and gave personal recommendations on lure choice.  Every popular game fish species was covered and I'm sure that all in attendance will have an advantage opening weekend because of this great presentation.  To get in contact with Noah follow the link here.
     It was a great weekend and I have a ton of notes and a bunch of new tactics to try out on the water.  Hopefully you were also in attendance at many of these free seminars.  As always I'll try to keep everybody up to date on upcoming seminars in the area as they get announced.  It's the easiest way to improve your angling knowledge and get introduced to future fishing buddies.
     Tight Lines.

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