EP:02 Finding Urban Waters

EP:02 Finding Urban Waters

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      In this episode we covered some of the tricks to finding urban fishing waters.  Not all anglers have the time to get out of the city and travel to a quiet stream.  Many don't have the cash flow to take off on exotic trips to the Bahamas.  However a great many more don't realize the fishing opportunities they have close to home.  We covered how to find productive waters, how to get access, and gave some tips for the drive by angler.  I also discussed the use of 2 great apps that can help any angler find more fish.

Here's the links to both great apps:

     Hopefully this episode gave you some useful pointers that can aid you in the pursuit of trophy fish.  Remember that the best way to find out if the waters close to you have fish in them is just to get out there and cast a line.  Please keep those questions coming.  You can drop me a line at shoreboundheromadison@gmail.com.  If you like what you heard on today's episode consider subscribing on Itunes or Podcast Garden.  If you haven't checked out my blog yet at ShoreboundHero.com, make sure to stop by and take a look around.  While your there be sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter. It's full of great tips, the occasional discount code, and some subscriber only content.
Here's the bass from that pond I drove by for years.  Caught him on the first cast!
     Tight Lines.

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