EP:03 Fishing Kayak Questions

EP:03 Fishing Kayak Questions


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     In this episode of the Bluegills to Bull Sharks Podcast we covered some of the questions first time kayak anglers fail to ask when choosing a fishing kayak.  We talked about the need to base your purchasing decisions on species, water type, and angler size.  I also shared my personal story on learning how to properly transport the kayak.  Real thought should be given on how you will move your new kayak from place to place.  So we talked about the various methods as well as the advantages of using a trailer.  

Below are some links to the products I've used in the past to help with kayak transport.
     I hope that the information we covered in this episode will help you make a more informed decision when purchasing a fishing kayak.  Buying into the world of kayak fishing can be a bit pricey, but if you take your time and do a little research you can be sure that you're money is spent wisely.  Thanks for listening to episode 3 of Bluegills to Bull Sharks.  While you're here please take a moment to subscribe to my monthly newsletter.  It's full of tips, tricks, stories, and fishing from myself and others.  It only happens once a month, so make sure to get signed up.
     Tight Lines.

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