UK Pro Pole 38HDF Review

UK Pro Pole 38HDF
     About a year or so ago I decided that I needed something more versatile than a tripod for taking pictures when out fishing solo.  My daughter was quick to recommend that I buy a "selfie stick" which made my wife burst out in laughter.  "Those things are stupid!" she said, "Seriously, how vein do you want to seem?"  She had a point, so I dismissed the idea and kept lugging my tripod around on my backpack.  The issue I was having though was taking pictures for the blog.  I needed some different camera angles to make my photos look more professional.  It was really starting to bother me that my images constantly had parts of the fish missing because they just wouldn't fit into the frame when holding my camera at arms length.
That would be my arm dominating this photograph.
     Then one day while talking with my soon to be brother in law about my photography issues he said, "It's not a selfie stick if you use a GoPro pole."  He had a point (petty I know), so I set my obsessive researching mind into motion and found the UK Pro Pole 38HDF.  Although I had reservations initially about the price, I placed my order and a few days later it arrived at my door.

     First impressions after taking it out of the package was that this was a serious tool for the outdoor filmmaker.  It feels like pro quality compared to the other selfie sticks (poles) I saw around town.  I've since had it out in the kayak, strapped to my backpack, and have even dropped it in the water on more than one occasion.  The UK Pro Pole 38HDF is an absolute work horse.  Let's take a look at the spec sheet.

The UK Pro Pole 38HDF features:

  • A lightweight aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Hi Visibility Non-Slip Grip 
  • Oversized Integrated Float
  • Standard GoPro Attachment Point with Oversized Knob
  • Locking Expansion Collars
  • Adjustable Wrist Lanyard
  • Expands from 16 inches to 38 inches
     I'm not gonna sugar coat it, this thing works flawlessly.  The expansion collars are easy to use and lock tightly every time.  I love the fact that I don't have to flip up or down any levers to adjust this pole.  Even with wet or fish slimed hands it is easy to setup.  The grip is similar to one you'd find on a motocross bike and is holding up well.  Having a quality grip is a nice feature since I'm not a fan of the foam handles I've seen on other poles.  The float actually floats the pole which is nice.  Whether you drop it over the side of the kayak or lose it on the shore line, you can rest easy knowing that your camera isn't at the bottom of the lake.  Add to it the robust aluminum construction and it's damn near unbreakable.
     The UK Pro Pole 38HDF has quickly become one of the few fishing accessories I can't live without.  It gives me the opportunity to take great pictures and videos while out fishing solo.  Pictures that I use on social media, in articles, my presentations, and on this blog.  You can find out more about the UK Pro Pole 38HDF on their site by following the link here.  At $59.99 it's definitely more expensive than your gas station selfie stick.  However, I believe it's worth every penny if you take pics in situations that place you in or around the water.  Using this pole allows me to get the photographs I've been after.  Until next time guys and gals...
Arm free fish picture goodness.
     Tight Lines.

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