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     So lately I've been pretty busy over here at ShoreboundHero.com.  I've been out fishing, attending sponsor meetings, working on the kayak, delivering presentations, and getting everything together for a new podcast.  That's right a new podcast!!!  A whole new content medium for me to explore and share with the angling world.  The new podcast is going to be called Bluegills to Bull Sharks with Israel Dunn and I've finally finished the cover art and trademarked the name.
     I'm getting pretty fired up about it and have been working hard to learn the in's and out's of podcasting in the hopes of creating a quality listening experience.  The learning curve so far has been pretty steep, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.  Below is a test file (not the podcast) that I recorded recently to try out the equipment.  It's kind of random, but will serve as the latest post about what I've been up to and some exciting upcoming events.  To listen to this audio blog post just hit the play button below.

Audio Test/What's Going On Audio Blog Post
     Let me know what you all think of the audio quality if you don't mind taking a few seconds to comment or send me an email.  I've been working hard on this as of late and am interested in any feedback whether it's good or bad.  Also as promised the links to the events I'll be attending this weekend are listed below.

To check out Noah Humfeld's Walleye Presentation click the link here.
To get more information on Rob Wendel's Presentation click the link here.
For more on Orvis of Madison's Happier Hour Series click the link here.

     That should just about wrap this up on my end.  Remember to keep an eye out for the upcoming Bluegills to Bull Sharks Podcast.  I'm currently shooting to have it live on iTunes at the beginning of May.  Of course that may just be wishful thinking on my end, but I have everything set it motion.  Stay tuned for upcoming posts on the kayak rudder cable replacement, BlackPak Fishing Crate Setup and Review, and any of my random fishing outings.  Finally, don't forget to sign up for the new monthly newsletter.  You'll see the pop up when you visit the site or you can sign up with the widget all the way down at the bottom of the blog.
     Tight Lines.  

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