EP:06 Take A Vet Fishing an Interview with Rob Blanchar

EP:06 Take A Vet Fishing

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     In this weeks episode we talked to Rob Blanchar one of the founders of Take A Vet Fishing.  Take A Vet Fishing gets veterans out on the water.  In fact the organizations motto is "A Day of Giving Back" and they live that motto.  Take A Vet Fishing has grown from very humble beginnings on Lake Waubesa here in the Madison area.  To now having events in 5 different states serving veterans and their families.  Yes, you heard that correctly, their families.  Take a Vet Fishing honors the families too.  Many times people forget that the family still needs to function during deployment.  Sometimes the families have to be rebuilt when the service ends and civilian life starts again.  Many times with the after effects of war following our veterans home.  Take A Vet Fishing is an amazing organization working hard to help our veterans both get on their feet and out on the water.  To find out how you can help out or to get signed up if you're a veteran yourself follow the link here.

     Thanks again Rob for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down for the interview.  Also a big thank you to everybody that has taken the time to leave a review for the Bluegills to Bullsharks Podcast on ITunes.  These reviews are required to get the podcast moving up the rankings and I appreciate everybody that has taken the time to leave a review, whether it's positive or negative.  Over at the Shorebound Hero blog I have some new posts in the pipeline about local upcoming events, shorefishing tips, and a neat little DIY for making a fishing net.  While you're there be sure to sign up for my free monthly newsletter full of tips, tricks, and subscriber only content.  It comes out the 15th of each month and only the 15th so make sure you get yourself signed up.  Finally, this coming weekend I'm attending the Midwest Kayak Fishing Symposium.  I'll be available all day answering your questions about Native Watercraft kayaks.  My personal kayak the Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13 will be rigged up and on display so that you can see some of the available options when rigging your fishing kayak.  That wraps up the show notes for episode 6 of the Bluegills to Bull Sharks Podcast.  Until next time...
     Tight Lines.

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