EP:09 5 Mobility Hacks for the Shorebound Angler

EP:09 5 Mobility Hacks for the Shore Angler

     In this episode of the Bluegills to Bull Sharks Podcast I offered up 5 tips or hacks if you will to help the shore angler.  I talked about the thought process involved in order to avoid falling into the "I need to carry all my gear, all the time mindset."  Below is a great picture to illustrate my point.  The poor guy was trapped in one spot the entire night.
     Mobility is everything when fishing from shore.  You'll hear me preach this over and over.  As a shore bound angler you have to be able to move to cover water effectively.  I mentioned a lot of different items from backpacks, to tackle trays, to fly flotant in this episode so just click the links if you're interested in picking any of these up for your own angling use.  These are all affiliate links so buying through them doesn't cost anything extra on your end, but makes a big difference on this end.
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     Tight Lines.

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