In Pursuit of the Big 50

Not a 50 inch fish.
     No, I am not having a midlife crisis, I am 36.  I want to catch a 50 inch musky.  Really bad...almost awkwardly bad.  Can't explain it, and neither can my friends.  We fish in rain, snow, hail, heat, any weather condition.  I have fished with pneumonia, arthritis, and extreme sunburn.  My wife doesn't understand it, I don't think she ever will.  I am obsessed, addicted even.  Seriously, I feel guilty if I don't go fishing.  Not motivated, but guilty.  Like I somehow let myself and everybody around me down if I don't at least try.  Some days I don't even want to fish.  I end up at the lake anyways, casting out a lure.  I  have casted to the point my hands went numb and I accidentally threw the rod into the lake.  I have fished till I fell asleep and found myself sitting on the shore hours later.  Again I don't know why, I just have to catch that fish.
     So how close have I came to that magic number?  42 inches, or as my brain reminds me, 8 inches to short.  That is the best I have done.  Day in and day out casting has only gotten me to 42 inches.  Now some would say what a great accomplishment.  I mean it took me a year and half to just catch my first musky.  I should be proud of myself...nope.  I have caught big bass, monster catfish, trophy panfish, hell I caught a shark.  Don't get me wrong that shark was awesome.  It was 72 inches and fought like a beast, but it wasn't a 50 inch musky.
     Why do I want one so bad?  No idea; except everybody I know wants the same thing, so now I do too.  With one caveat, it has to be from shore.  I want to be able to say that I got it without a boat.  So what do I have against boats?  Nothing, I love fishing from boats.  Buddies boats, charter boats, boats I have owned, even my canoe and kayak are fun to fish from.   But my 50 incher is gonna come from shore.  A specific shore, Madison's Lake Monona.  I know they are in that lake, I have seen them.  In other peoples photos, other peoples nets, other peoples fishing tales.  They haunt me in my sleep, they torment my mind, and they have followed my lures.  I will get one; it is gonna happen, it just hasn't happened yet.
     Tight Lines

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