DIY Truck Topper Rod Holder

     This weekend I finally got around to building my rod storage system for the back of my Silverado.  As a land based fishing guide I constantly struggle with where to keep all the rods that my clients bring for a fishing trip.  It doesn't take many rods to clutter up the cab of my truck and since the bed is usually filled with waders, tackle boxes, and kayaks.  I can't just lay the rods on the floor of the truck bed.  I needed a way to carry a lot of rods and keep them out of the way.  While doing my research I ran into this idea from the great John "Toast" Oast from
     It's really simple to build and so far it's performing flawlessly.  All you need to do is purchase 2 adjustable shower rods, a 12 pack of shower curtain rings, and a pack of zip ties.  Watch his video above for all the details and be sure to subscribe to his channel if you have any interest in kayak fishing.  This system let's me hold up to 12 multi-piece rods.  I've also found that I can hang my 1 piece musky rods on it if I hang them diagonally (corner to corner).  Give this DIY a try if you carry a lot of rods and space is a premium.  Until next time...
     Tight Lines.

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