EP:11 Saltwater Tactics for the Freshwater Angler

EP:12 Saltwater Tactics for the Freshwater Angler

     In this episode of the Bluegills to Bull Sharks Podcast we talked about 3 saltwater tactics that can benefit the freshwater angler.  The use of saltwater tactics in freshwater is nothing new.  In fact some of the best anglers I've met in the industry don't see any difference between the angling disciplines.  They believe that experimentation across fishing styles is a sure fire way to stay ahead of the game.  So give surf weights, surf rods, and braid stacking a try.  You'll probably find that they work just as well for you as they have for others.  Remember to keep learning and experimenting on the water.  You may just find that catching more fish is a wonderful side effect.  Below are some links to the products I mentioned in this episode.
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     Tight Lines.

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