Broke My Tenkara Rod, "The Rest of the Story"

It's not you it's me, seriously.
     The other night I posted a photo of my recently broken Badger Tenkara rod on Facebook.  As the night wore on I got a few messages asking more about the broken rod.  The questions weren't asking me about the fish, but about the rod itself.  People wanted to know why it broke.  Mostly people wanted to know if it was my fault or the rods fault.  I quickly removed the post because that wasn't my intention at all.  So as the late Paul Harvey would say, "This is the rest of the story."
     Last fall I got a request from a local rod company.  Specifically, I got approached by the folks over at Badger Tenkara.  They were wondering if I could test out some rods they had on bigger fish.  Being a lover of tenkara I was happy to oblige.  Badger Tenkara gave me a collection of rods to fish with, some were in the current production lineup, some were prototypes, a few were just to experiment with.  The only direction they gave me was see what the rods can take.  You know what that means right?  I was given a bunch of rods to break, well actually I was given a bunch of rods that they wanted pushed to the limit.
     Fast forward to yesterday and the beautiful little gem that is Wingra Creek.  I was out fishing with my friend and mentor Darren.  We had gotten together to chase bluegills along the weedy margin of the waterway.  The rod of choice was the Classic by Badger Tenkara.  The Classic is the perfect rod for trout and panfish.  It was designed exactly for this purpose and it always performs well.
     This is were I come into the equation, with disastrous consequences.  I had just released a nice eating sized bluegill when I saw the biggest carp tail I've ever seen.  Now we need to pause for a second and think.  You see I had an 8 weight fly rod rigged up for carp on my backpack.  The smart thing to do would have been to put my tenkara rod down and make a cast with the 8 weight.  As I said that WOULD have been the smart thing to do.  What did I do?  You guessed it, I fired off a beautiful cast (with the tenkara rod) just to the left of that massive tail.
     I hooked up almost immediately and all hell broke loose.  That big stupid carp ran right and I went left and the Classic rod got bent around a sapling on the shore line.  By rights the tree should have moved because I really wanted to land this fish.  But as we all know trees just don't move very fast and my tenkara rod paid the price and broke on impact.
     It wasn't the rods fault, it was mine.  To their credit Badger Tenkara took the whole thing in stride and we've already made arrangements to repair my broken section.  It's not all bad really, they have another rod they want me test out.  Which is awesome because I'm really starting to believe that I might just be able to land a king salmon from my kayak with a tenkara rod.  Only time will tell I guess...  Oh I almost forgot, here's a picture of that bluegill.
They were hitting on dragonfly patterns.  Which technically I shouldn't have been casting on that Classic rod either.
     Tight Lines.

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