3 Favorite Terrestrial Fly Patterns For Big Bluegills

A Gibson's Dragon Fly was inhaled by this eager bluegill.
     As the dog days of summer start to wear on here in the Midwest my mind turns to the bluegills.  These little fighters can be just the thing you need to get your thoughts off the crazy heat and humidity.  My fly box is overflowing with terrestrial patterns of all types and colors. However these 3 patterns keep ending up on the of my line.
Gibson's Dragon Fly
     The first pattern I must recommend is my current go to fly on the water.  It's called Gibson's Dragon Fly and it's the most productive BIG bluegill pattern I own.  The bluegills are crushing this fly on a regular basis.  They just seem to lose their minds when these dragon fly imitations hit the water.  Which makes sense since you can't walk (or paddle) more than a few feet without seeing little blue dragon flies buzzing about.  If you get nothing else out of this post, get this fly!
Bully's Bluegill Spider
     Next up is the Bully Bluegill Spider.  If you've read the book Bluegill Fly Fishing and Flies by Terry and Roxanne Wilson then you know how effective this pattern is on the water.  Day in and day out this fly catches fish.  It's probably the first pattern that comes to mind when most fly anglers think of bluegills.  I know they will forever have a place in my fly box.  They work great in almost every situation and body of water.
Peeper Popper
     Finally, I offer my favorite popper for monstrous (size is relative) bluegills.  Every bluegill hunter has at least one top water popper in the box and for me it's the Peeper Popper.  Although it's technically a bass pattern, it will really put the hurt on your local panfish population.  It's chugging sound just calls the bluegills in and it has the has the most consistent hookup ratio of any popper I've ever thrown.  Quick Tip: Trim the legs and tail a bit with your nippers before you take it out for better hook ups.
     I think that you'll find that these patterns will perform just as well on your waters as they have in mine.  All of these patterns are available at your local Orvis store.  If you don't have an Orvis nearby you can purchase them online by following the link here.  Give bluegills a try the next time you're looking to wet a line.  As a buddy of mine once said, "Nobody stops fishing before passing through a school of panfish."  
Bluegills are a great target for kayak anglers.  This one was caught on a Bully Bluegill Spider.
     Tight Lines.

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