How To Tie An Egg Pattern Fly

     The seasons are right on the cusp of changing here in the Midwest.  For me that means that before you know it the salmon and steelhead will be in the rivers and harbors of Lake Michigan.  I've really learned to love the various salmonids that have been stocked in these waters.  More importantly over the last few years my interest in pursuing these fish with a fly rod has become more and more intense.  For guidance in this pursuit I've been picking the brain of the guys and gals over at Orvis of Madison.  Last fall they showed me some of the ways you can fish an egg pattern.  On one particularly cold evening they even took the time to show me how to tie one up.  Turns out they're pretty easy.  So easy in fact that I'll never waste my time tying my own.  "Don't tie what you can buy," is my battle cry when it comes to fly fishing.  If you're not of the same opinion then get out your vise, a #10 hook, some egg yarn, and a spool of olive thread.  Then just follow the photo dump.

Editor's note: At some point you need scissors to cut the yarn.  Must have missed that part...

     As you can see it's a pretty easy tie.  For more information check out the links here and here.  Chasing lake run salmon, steelhead, and brown trout with a fly rod is ridiculous amounts of fun.  To learn more about flies, gear, and techniques be sure to contact Orvis of Madison at 608-831-3181 or follow the link here.
     Tight Lines.

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