The Power Of A Positive Attitude

     It was the third day of a trip we'd been waiting a lifetime to take.  For the last 5 years my buddy and I had talked about how awesome it would be to get to fish in Canada.  After a lot of planning and saving we had finally made it.  I had just hit the point in each day where I started to complain about the lack luster events that had so far transpired on this trip.  This was the first and maybe only time we'd be on the Lake of the Woods, and we hadn't seen a single fish all week.  In my defense the only stories I had ever heard about this lake involved huge fish.  Nobody ever mentioned the fact that it was still fishing.  I was expecting a fish every other cast.  Each of course over the 50 inch mark and that wasn't happening.  This trip was supposed to be a story about how I caught my new personal best musky.  Instead it was a turning into a great way to waste two thousand dollars.  Between the cold front and heavy east winds we could have just stayed home and probably caught more fish.
     Through it all though my buddy stayed positive.  Sure he would joke about the lack of giant muskies, but he was fired up to finally be here.  He kept casting (I was bitching), kept asking questions of the guides each night (I was pouting), and kept bringing up all the things we were doing right each day (I just sat on the cooler).  His enthusiasm for each day was normally just enough to snap me out of the negative mindset that crept in each afternoon.  While I would get stuck in a bad place mentally, he would just keep casting, and it was about to pay in huge way.  It was a lesson on the water I'll never forget.
     We had just worked our way around yet another fish-less island.  He was casting towards the bank near a couple of free standing reed patches when his eyes lit up.  "Here's one!" he hollered from the front of the boat.  He made a quick figure 8 and was instantly hooked up.  I grabbed the net and soon that 40 inch pike was resting calming inside the bag.  You couldn't have wiped the smile off his face.  It was a beautiful fish and he only caught it because he kept a positive attitude.
     The ability to keep a positive attitude when pursuing trophy fish is of up most importance.  It can be extremely hard to stay focused and upbeat after days, weeks, or even months without a brag worthy fish.  There's many ways to maintain a positive attitude when out on the water.  For a few great tips follow the link here.  For me I've found that a positive attitude on the water will at the very least keep you casting.  Which is of course the easiest way to land more fish.  Since you need a lure in the water to even have a chance at a trophy.
     Tight Lines.

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