To Many Fishing Poles? Is That Even Possible?

     I've seen this guy multiple times.  The guy on the bank with so much gear you would think he's a professional angler.  A 50 pound tackle box, huge net, a bunch of rods.  He can barely walk ten feet without dropping something.  You'll know you've spotted one of these guys because he is either stuck in one spot or is making so much noise moving his gear that he maybe scaring the fish.  You don't need half gear you take each time you hit the water.  In fact once you take a look at what you actually do need for each particular trip you'll find that downsizing makes a lot of sense.   
     So how many rods to take?  Well most of us have two arms, some of us have less.  Logic says I can take 2-3 rods and fish with 1.  I used to carry 4 rods fully rigged.  So when I arrived at my fishing spot I sat down my gear, picked up a rod and started to cast.  If I moved along the bank I could only move 20 yards or so, and then hustle back.  Why hustle?  Well a decent rod, reel, and lure costs about $200ish.  That meant every time I left them unattended I had the potential to lose a minimum of $600.  Now I carry 1 rod, it's always in my hands and I never have to worry about it getting lost or wandering off without me.  Sometimes I tuck an extra rod into the straps of my backpack.  This lets me rig up with a different bait and again the rod stays with me.  I generally only take the rods that work for where I'm fishing.  If I am going somewhere with heavy weed cover then I know that I won't be throwing crankbaits and inline spinners so I don't need those rods.  If I am going somewhere the structure is scattered or if I need to cover a lot of shoreline fast to find the fish then I don't need to take a finesse worm setup.  Thinking about where I'm going to fish before heading out the door allows me to take only what I need.  Also by limiting the amount of options, my lure spends more time in the water.  That alone will help you catch more fish.
       Tight Lines.

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