Blade Baits, Row Trolling, and Bonefish

Sorry, it's cool though.
     So I've done my best over the years to not just be one of those blogs that gives my readers links to things on the internet.  I try to provide content that informs, reviews you can use, or stories sure to entertain.  However this week I've ran into some cool videos that have gotten me all fired up so here's's first link post.
     The first video is from one of my sponsors Vibrations Tackle.  They've been transforming their business model and have put a real emphasis on teaching the customer/angler how to use blade baits more effectively in different angling situations. This video is an introduction to the new Echotail Corner that I'll be contributing to soon in the coming months.

     The second video is a cool piece from Wisconsin Public Television.  It's a video about row trolling that appeared in their Wisconsin Life program.  It features angler Jim Olson and his life long pursuit of muskies.  Those of you that follow the podcast are already aware of my interest in row trolling and I've watched this particular video at least 10-15 times already this week.  Check it out, I think you'll like it.  Click the link here if the video doesn't load automatically.

     The third video is about DIY bonefishing in Yemen.  I had no idea you could chase bonefish in Yemen so that's pretty sweet.  Also I love the DIY aspect of these types of fishing trips.  I've always had to just figure things out when I get to go on angling vacations.  Ray does a great job of figuring these fish out and who wouldn't want to catch a bonefish!

     Hope you folks get as much of a kick out of these videos as I have.  I promise not to fill these pages with too many link posts in the future.  I'll be back to my normal content after the weekend.  Speaking of the weekend, I'll be at the Early Show in Illinois this weekend running my booth, tying carp flies, and speaking about the awesomeness that is kayak fishing.  Be sure to stop by if you're in the area.  Until next time...
     Tight Lines.

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