How To Add Temporary Bulk To Fall Musky Flies

The fly tying desk.
     Earlier this week I had the opportunity to take in a presentation by Larry and Wendy Mann of the Hayward Fly Fishing Company.  The talk was on musky fly fishing and to say it was informative would be an understatement.  His thoughts on setup, fish location, and mental fortitude while chasing the mighty musky even taught me a few tricks.  However it was after the seminar while rummaging through his fly box that I saw this gem of an idea.
     Larry fishes for muskies on the fly with clients of all skill levels.  This variety of ability has forced his company to use flies that are smaller in size to allow anglers that are new to the fish of 10,000 casts to keep casting all day long.  Because as you know chucking flies of the size required to catch the attention of a musky can be a physically exhausting process.  To up the odds at a trophy sized fish in the fall they devised a clever way to add bulk, without adding weight.  Best part?  It's already available all over the Midwest and online.
Trolling flies to chase salmon.
     The trick?  Use readily available trolling flies for salmon.  I know it sounds crazy, but here's how it works.  The salmon flies are tied on a plastic tube (head).  This head is designed to slide freely up and down the leader when trolling.  The flies are tied from fish attracting materials similar to the flashabou we already use on our spinner baits on the conventional side of musky fishing.  All you have to do is slide the trolling fly onto your bite guard before you attach it to the fly.  The trolling fly will now slide down to the musky fly giving you a much bigger profile in the water as well as adding motion and flash to your feathered offering.  Still not sure what I'm talking about?  It looks like this.
The trolling fly slides down tight to the musky fly adding bulk to your offering without changing the fly.
     I was so blown away by this idea that I immediately asked Larry if it would be okay to share this tip with my readers.  He of course said yes!  This is a great way to add the illusion of size to any musky fly you already own.  I tried it out on Lake Wingra the other day and it looks great in the water and doesn't interfere with your casting or fly presentation.  Just a solid trick that will help you catch more fall muskies.  For information on the Hayward Fly Fishing Company or to book a guided trip of your own follow the link here.  Until next time...
     Tight Lines.

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