Bass, Golden Dorado, and Epicness!

     Wandering through the interwebs this week I found a couple of gems that wouldn't get out of my head.  I love to fish, but when I can't, I watch other people do it.  So here's a couple links to some of my favorite videos that have spent some time on my browser.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

     First off was this video from the guys of over at Capt Jack Productions.  It's a great video about the pursuit of Golden Durado in Argentina.  The video quality is always top notch and I've been daydreaming about what one of these fish would feel like on the end of my line all week.

     Second is a sweet little number by Key West Kayak Fishing.  Mostly because it's about catching sharks from a kayak.  Also because it's finally starting to get cold here in Wisconsin.  I love his videos because he shares exactly what he's using all the way down to the knot he's tied the bait on with.  Check it out!

     Third favorite this week is a kayak bass fishing videos from Work2Fish.  It's a one man-one camera video with some great bass fishing action.  I love to pursue some largemouths from my kayak during the summer so this is the kind of stuff that helps me make it through these colder winter months.

     Tight Lines.

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