Kayak Sailfish, BlackTipH, Epic Shorefishing, and Catch The Vibe Outdoors

     So the trucks broke, it's snowing like crazy, and I'm trapped at the house.  Not a huge deal all in all, but that means I've been surfing the internet.  My mind tends to wander a bit when I have free time and this week has been no exception.  I stumbled across a few videos and an article or two and have become so enamored with them that I just had to share.

The first video I've been watching is from fellow Lucid Fishing prostaffer Christina Weber.  I know it's a couple years old, but I just love the footage of that sailfish jumping.

The second video is the one that got me going on the whole shark fishing from shore dream.  BlacktipH was in Wisconsin this week chasing brown trout so that's probably what led me back to his channel.  You should check it out either way.

Third up is a great compilation I've been watching to keep myself fired up by Dennis Verreet.  He's the guy that catches monster yellowfin tuna from the rocks and as a self proclaimed Shorebound Hero his videos really get my heart pumping!

Lastly is the new video from Catch The Vibe Outdoors.  It features a nice musky caught on my local chain of lakes.  I'm a musky nut and a huge fan of Lee Lures so really this video is just about perfect.

Tight Lines.

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