Sailfish Smackdown 2017

An opportunity to chase down a dream.
     So this weekend I casually mentioned an idea to a buddy of mine on Facebook.  It was a simple enough idea, "Want to take a break in February and try to catch a sailfish from a kayak?"  That's all I asked, that's exactly what I said.  After reviewing my schedule I realized that I only had one weekend free from January to March so I might as well spend it driving to a saltwater tournament.  The Sailfish Smackdown 2017 Tournament is one of those bucket list events.  I've read about it, listened to it, and dreamed about it.  I don't want to win the thing or really even catch a sailfish.  I just want to be able to say I was there.
That's Spencer standing up, fishing, backwards, on his seat.
     That's how this whole thing started.  Now it's actually happening and it's Spencer's fault.  I was just indulging in a fantasy.  He became fired up and started making phone calls.  Now I'm driving to Florida in  two months.  It should be a good time assuming none of us go broke trying to pull this off.  Spencer's on board, obviously I'm going, and are most recent addition is our buddy Doug the local Viking Kayaks pro.  Doug's the only one with any real saltwater experience (he's from Texas).  I'm guessing us Midwest boys will be relying heavily on his advice.  Apparently will have to learn how to surf launch, use a live well, and not die in the ocean.
Will be bringing our Jackson, Native Watercraft, and Viking kayaks.
     See sounds like a good time!  Look to these pages in the next few weeks for rigging and setup ideas.  I'm hoping to get each of us to write up a review of our kayaks and what we hope to accomplish by attending this tournament at the other end of the country.  I also think a round table discussion is in order for the podcast.  This should be a fun experience with a great group of friends.  The Sailfish Smackdown 2017 is gonna be epic.  You should probably follow along...
     Tight Lines.                                                                                                                                                                    

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