5 Ways Community Can Improve Your Fishing

Regardless of what you paddle you belong.
     Recently I joined a group on Facebook to help me stay accountable for my workouts.  I was skeptical at first because of my long track record of failed attempts at exercising and losing weight.  I've always struggled to keep going because after awhile I just ran out of steam and then since no one was watching I would just stop all together.  However lately, I've had measurable success and I know it's because this time I have a community of people helping push me towards my goals.  This got me thinking a lot about the anglers I know.
     Almost every angler I respect has some sort of community.  It could be a fishing club, a tournament series, a cause, a species, or even the style of fishing.  All of this comes together to bring out the best in you as an angler.  So I thought I'd offer up 5 ways community can improve your fishing.

Number 1: Conservation
     Anglers working together have a louder voice.  Groups like Trout Unlimited and Muskies Inc. depend on their members to make a difference on local waters.  Many of us have the conservation minded community to thank for our fishing and access.

Number 2: Competition
     The tournament community is a huge multi-million dollar industry.  It provides many anglers the opportunity to prove just how good they've become.  Tournaments and competition is one way I've been able to up my game and meet some amazing people.  Besides you'll never know how good you are as an angler if you don't compete.

Number 3: Friendship
     It goes without saying that our time spent with friends is more important than the actual fishing.  Still many of my closest friends are a direct result of time spent on the water.  You'll meet life long buddies when wetting a line and the best part is you already have something in common.

Number 4: Styles
     Many times the way you fish is just as important to you as the fish you catch.  Whether fishing from shore, from a kayak, or on the ice, they all have little nuances that separate them.  Joining up with anglers that fish the same way you do will shorten the learning curve when you head to your favorite body of water.  You'd be amazed at the things you'll learn when fishing with people that love to chase fish the same way you do.

Number 5: Cause
     I personally believe that working together we can move mountains.  When angling communities are started around a rally cry they can really help make a difference.  Sometimes it's to raise money for an individual, a town, or to fight a disease.  Whatever the reason there's definitely strength in numbers.

     Take a long hard look at your angling community.  I'm sure through local clubs, tournaments, or social media you can find a community that fits your particular fishing style.  Check them out and try to get involved.  Hell you probably already have a group of anglers you're a part of, even if you don't know it.
Some of my closest friends were met on the water.
     Tight Lines.

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