Blue Fin Tuna, Cobia From Shore, and a Van

   This week while wandering around the internet I bumped into a few things.  I've been going a little stir crazy with the upcoming Sailfish Slam, expo season, and the serious lack of safe ice in the area.  So I've been reading and watching a lot of things lately.  Here's a short list of some my favorites.
      Fly fishing for anything huge is pretty crazy.  Yet alone blue fin tuna!  Here's a teaser I keep watching over and over again from BFT Media.  You should probably just press play.

Teaser BFT M├ędia - Blue Fin Tuna on the Fly from BFT MEDIA on Vimeo.

     The next thing that's been destroying my brain is this video from Morning Tide Fishing.  These boys are legit and in this video they land a massive Cobia from shore.  If you're not subscribed to their YouTube Channel you should be.

      Finally, I thought you'd all get a kick out of this sweet little video from Live Work Wander.  Some of you probably know that I have long term goal of moving into a van and traveling the country to fish.  It's so close I can see the van, kayaks, and big fish pics.  This couple is a little closer to the dream than I am and I'm loving the new channel.

   Tight Lines.

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