How To Choose A Fishing Grip

Different grips=Different Uses
     One of the most common set of questions I answer is in regards to the use of fish grips.  People are always curious about-

  • Why I use them?
  • Do they hurt the fish?
  • The differences in design?
  • How to handle the fish?

Although I'm normally more than happy to answer them I thought there has to be a better way to spread the knowledge I've gained after using Lucid Fishing grips for the few years.  With that in mind I sat down the other day and recorded this video.  Hopefully it answers these questions and many more that I've received from you the reader.  If you can think of anything this video is missing drop me an email or leave a comment below.  Oh yeah, if you want more tips and tricks be sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

     Tight Lines.

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  1. Great video. I learned some good pointers. Never knew the Lucid style swiveled.