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     As many of you are aware I'm pretty picky about who and what I support in the fishing industry.  Our sport is full of companies, products, and gimmicks.  Everybody's out to make a buck (myself included).  So when I met up with at the FishX expo earlier this year I was skeptical of what they were pushing.  They talked about a network of anglers that were looking for fishing buddies.  Fisherman that wanted to find friends, share charters, split event costs, and share tactics.  Admittedly I was reluctant to sign up, but the free 1 year membership offer had me curious.  So I signed up, struck a deal to share with all of you, and setup my account.
     I love the concept of this site.  One of the struggles I hear a lot from anglers is that they'd fish more if they had more fishing buddies.  This site solves that problem.  You can search for members in your area, check their bio, and then message or buddy them.  Instant fishing buddy for life.  It also allows you to post events you're attending so you can meet up with other anglers that you already know.  This eliminates that whole, "I want to go, but I don't know anybody" argument we all have with ourselves the night before an outing or tournament.  You can even pay or split costs for a charter using this site.  This means those trips of a lifetime are suddenly in reach.  It's an amazing platform and it's built for anglers!  I can't get enough and will gladly pay the annual membership fee of only $36.00.  The best part of all this is that they worked out a special deal for you the reader.  Want to try out this service?  Then send me a message on Facebook and I'll share with you a secret code that you can enter to get the first year free!!!  I know you won't regret it, just be sure to make me your first buddy.
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