Which Brand Of Fishing Kayak Is The Best?

Which company makes the best kayak?
     One question that I always get asked when working a fishing expo or giving a seminar is, "Which brand of kayak is the best?"  It makes me smile because it leads to in depth discussions about hull design, stability, and accessories.  The conversation moves through brands like Native Watercraft, Jackson, Wilderness, and Hobie.  Even the Pelican name has been dropped in the mix lately.  The truth is brand doesn't matter, just don't tell my sponsors I said that.
     You see once you hit a certain price point, the differences in the boats kind of blur together.  It reminds me of the old, "Ford vs. Chevy" argument.  If you've ever been to a car show then you understand what I'm talking about.  The supporters of each brand are fiercely loyal their favorite truck.  You'd think that they were getting a paycheck from the factory with how aggressively they defend the blue oval or yellow bow tie.  Lately, I've noticed that many kayak anglers feel the same way about the brand of plastic boat they choose to paddle.  Anglers get pretty worked up about which pedal drive is better or what seat is the most comfortable.  One day at a show I even overheard two people arguing about rod holder design...rod holders!
      The reason I say brand doesn't matter is because a quality kayak is guaranteed to be a good purchase.  You won't regret buying a name brand boat, regardless of the BRAND NAME on the boat.  The important thing is just that you get into a kayak and out on the water!  I don't care what you paddle when we head out together for a fun filled day of fishing.  I believe it's crucial that as kayak anglers we include everyone that wants to pick up a paddle and chase a fish.  It's important for the future of our sport and our fisheries.  Of course if any of my sponsors asks, tell them I said to paddle a Native Watercraft.
     Tight Lines.

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