How To Take Your Prostaff Photos To The Next Level

Built with
     It's really important as Prostaffers that we always portray ourselves in a professional manner.  Whether in person or online the companies that allow us to represent them are counting on us to always to be at the top of our game.  I've noticed lately that many of us struggle to get past the lack luster images we use on our social media pages.  We either can't figure out the technology or just don't have the resources to build photos with our sponsors logos.  I know because for a long time I struggled with the same issue.  Then I discovered Canva while wandering around online.  I use Canva to build all the images I use on Facebook, Instagram, my blog, or in other promotional outlets.  Check out this video I made that explains the whole process step by step.  It's free and it will help you take your prostaff game to the next level.

     Tight Lines.

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