My 5 Favorite Feeds On Instagram

     As much as I love writing for this blog, I constantly find myself getting sucked into the world of Instagram (you should follow me).  Wandering through the hashtags I've bumped into a lot of amazing photos and personalities.  I thought I'd drop a link to 5 of my favorites for you to check out.  You should look them up if you find some free time while scrolling through the feeds.

     The first one on my list is local musky on the fly ace Austin Mitchell.  I fished against him last year in one of our local musky leagues.  He's an amazing fly tier and his passion for the craft shows in everything that drops from the jaws of his vice.  To check out Austin's feed follow the link here.

     Second on the list of must follow favorites is a crew from down south.  The boys at Skinny Water Culture never fail to impress whether it's on the fly or on the flats.  They have a fierce devotion to their home state of Florida and the fish they catch are simply amazing.  Be sure to follow the link here to keep up with the awesomeness.

     One of my can't miss favorites is Pond Kings.  I have an unhealthy dedication to small pond fishing and these guys from Georgia post up some amazing photos that are sent in by their followers.  Just send them a DM with your epic catch from a local pond and you might see it featured in their feed.  You can check them out here.

     Coming in at number 4 is Peter Miller from the hit fishing show Bass 2 Billfish.  Peter does an amazing job of showing off the best of what Florida has to offer.  He's also a three time sailfish champion and a proud father.  I'm sure you're already following Peter and his show, but just in case you don't here's the link.

     Finally on the list is a great feed that has nothing to do with fishing.  It's the husband and wife team behind the Live, Work, Wander YouTube Channel.  They're a couple that lives in a sweet 4x4 Volkswagen Vanagon.  The photos are breathtaking and honest.  If you like travel, humor, and the occasional story, you should click this link and give them a follow.
     Tight Lines.

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