Running 2 Fish Finders On A Kayak

     For the last two years I've raved about my Garmin 73sv unit.  This fish finder has performed flawlessly and I love the 7 inch screen, SideVu, ClearVu, and all the preloaded maps (17,000+).  In fact the only issues I've ever encountered had nothing to do with the Garmin 73sv.  They can all be attributed to the mounting location.  I keep the Garmin 73sv on a Ram Mount that fits in the Slayer Propels integrated track system.  This way I can slide the unit towards or away from my seat while on the water.

     This makes it easy to view the screen and adjust settings depending on conditions.  The problem is that it's really only convenient from the seated position.  Once I stand up, looking at or moving the screen messes with my balance.  We all know when standing up in our kayaks things can get a little tippy.  Even with the stand assist bar turning to look down at the fish finder can be a dangerous proposition.  After thinking about this for a while I decided maybe it's time to add a another fish finder.

     Some of you may be thinking I've lost my mind.  "Why would anybody need 2 fish finders on a kayak?" is a common question I've been fielding lately.  Here's a couple of reasons...just hear me out on this.  First, power boaters use multiple units all the time.  It's common to have a unit for the angler in the front and the back of the boat.  Second, I fish a lot of weed edges in the Madison area.  I commonly drift with the wind across the weed beds while chasing bass and muskies.  This kind of fishing requires me to stay at a certain depth of water to be the most effective.  In the past this has meant constantly having to turn around while standing up to check my Garmin.  Just to make sure I haven't drifted out into deeper water.  Add in the constant wakes produced by pleasure boaters and jet skiers on our metropolitan lakes and it can make keeping my balance a chore.  If I had a second unit mounted at the bow of the kayak then I would only need to glance down to know the water depth of water.  Third, it's my kayak, and my money, so I already bought the 2nd unit and have it mounted on my kayak.
Looks pretty good with 2 fish finders.

     Obviously I don't need two Garmin 73sv units for this to be effective so I ended up purchasing a unit with only a few basic features.  After some research I decided on the Garmin Striker 4 for the front of the kayak.  This unit has GPS tracking, depth, and water temp.  It also uses CHIRP technology so the 2 fish finder signals won't interfere with each other.  Gotta love technology!  I think this is gonna be a real game changer when fishing tournaments this season.  What are your thoughts on running 2 fish finders on a kayak?  Think it's worth it?  Think it's a waste?  Leave me a comment below.
     Tight Lines.

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