Jonesin' For Beyond The Breakers

     Earlier this year I had the trip of a lifetime with my good friend Spencer Jones.  We traveled 26 hours from the frozen state of Wisconsin to the beautiful beaches of south Florida.  The two us were looking for adventure and we found it by competing in the Sailfish Smackdown Tournament.  It seemed simple enough, go off shore, catch a sailfish, and then come back home.  It turned out to be a grueling event that tested both our bodies and our minds.
     In our defense we did a lot of research and we arrived in Pompano Beach as prepared as possible, but somethings can be only learned by doing them and we learned a lot of hard lessons.  That's were this book comes in.  Spencer noticed that much of the information we needed wasn't written down anywhere so he wrote this ebook to help other anglers looking to compete in this elite level event.  He covered all the needed topics.  From selecting a kayak, to what you gear should be chosen, and why a minimalist approach is a good idea.  He even explains the gulf stream currents and how to safely launch and land your kayak from the beach.  
     Everything you need to know to make this trip is covered.  At 34 pages long it's a quick read, but knowing what I know now I'd say it's required reading for anyone traveling in from out of state with sailfish on the brain.  You can purchase the book on Amazon.  Or if you prefer check out the ebook on Smashwords.
     Tight Lines.

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