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     Looking for a speaker for your fishing club, expo, or tournament event? Want to hear a different take on the species you love to chase? Perhaps you've grown tired of listening to the same old speakers year after year? Then book an angler with a new and often entertaining approach to recreational fishing. For the 2016 season I am currently booking presentations on the topics listed below.  If you don't see anything your group is interested in please drop me a line.  I'm always looking for new topics of interest!

Urban Fly Fishing:
Take a look at the fishing in your own backyard.  No need to travel far and wide to land the fish of your dreams.  Many times fish can be found just up the street.  This seminar covers everything you need to know to chase popular urban species.  Bass, Carp, Pike, and Panfish can be caught in town and I can show you how.

Beyond Basics: Questions to Ask When Choosing a Fishing Kayak
This presentation looks at the little things that can make a big difference in your kayak purchase decision.  Things like species, capacity, pedal drives, and transportation, should be questions at the top of your list.  I've learned a lot about what not to buy over the years so you don't have to repeat the same mistakes I made.  Will also cover electronics, power poles, even casting!

Advanced Shorefishing:
This presentation puts the emphasis on the shorebound angler.  It covers a variety of topics and multiple species.  Learn how to cast farther, choose lures, and work the water as effectively as any angler in a boat.  Build on my years of land based guiding experience to take your shore fishing to the next level.

AIS and the Kayak Angler:
Aquatic Invasive Species is a growing problem here in the Midwest.  In this presentation we go over the threat of AIS and what we can do as kayak anglers to help stop the spread of AIS.  Will cover common issues, kayak cleanup and prep, and give some tips on spreading the word in our communities.

Carp on the Fly:
Pursuing the Golden Bonefish, the common carp.  It's the fastest growing segment of freshwater fly fishing.  These fish are fun to chase and even harder to make eat.  You'll learn how to find them, what gear to use, and how to present your fly.  This is easily the most fun you can have in freshwater, and I'll show you how to get in on the action.

Introduction to Kayak Fishing:
Learn the basics of kayak angling in this intro level presentation.  Will cover how to choose a fishing kayak, gear and rigging, kayak safety, and species specific tactics.  Paddling tips and tournament angling will also be covered.

Shorefishing for Muskies:
This presentation is designed specifically for the land based musky angler.  Learn how to find access, choose your gear, and make the casts.  Sections on long rods, lure modifications, mobility, and even wading are shown in this engaging presentation.  Everything you need to catch your trophy without the luxury of a boat.

Great Lakes Salmon from Shore:
Many anglers make the migration to the Great Lakes to pursue the salmonoid species.  Tactics for catching King, Coho, and Browns are reviewed in this engaging presentation.  Learn gear selection, popular spots, and rigging for the land based salmon angler.  Also included in this presentation is a section on fly fishing from shore which includes surf casting, chuck and duck, and swinging streamers for angling glory.

Fly Fishing for Muskies:
One of the most exciting and fastest growing segments of fly angling.  Learn everything you need to know start chasing the fish of 10,000 casts with a bunch of chicken feathers.  Gear selection and rigging is covered as well as an introduction to common flies and casting techniques.  Presentation ends with a discussion on CPR as well as the keep them wet movement.

     For more information or to inquire about pricing contact:

     Israel J. Dunn
        Shorebound Hero


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